Bill Poulos Portfolio Prophet

2018 Update – this review was written way back in 2011. If you want to read more about the creator of Portfolio Prophet, read this post

Original Post 2011 –

I have seen some recent excitement over a new product by Bill Poulos called ” Portfolio Prophet “ that is supposed to be a unique software that makes investing easy using some secret “sauce” for picking winning stocks.

All of these trading software company’s offer the same pitch of easy to use software that quickly makes your picks for you will only a couple minutes a day(or less) managing your portfolio that will provide returns far in excess of any professional trader. Past systems like Stock Assault Stock Software, Wizetrade RedLight/Green Light stock picking software,etc…..they are usually more marketing than reality.

The reason for my concern are many but mostly because the creator of Portfolio Prophet sells a TON of different trading courses with many unrealistic claims.

I hadn’t heard of Bill Poulos until a google search shows he has released a lot of past products trading products and I couldn’t find any authentic results from following his systems or good customer reviews.

That’s my 2 cents on The Portfolio Prophet. I only watched a couple videos and they weren’t that impressive to me.

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