Investors Business Daily Review

Investors Business Daily review

Investors Business Daily CANSLIM review

First off, if you are new to stock investing and have no clue where to start then go read William Oneil’s book called How to Make Money in Stocks.

William O’neil spent years studying what the best stocks in history had in common and made a fortune following the system he created based on his findings. The system is called CANSLIM and he eventually founded a well-known, highly respected daily investing newspaper called Investors Business Daily.

CANSLIM is a growth investing strategy and tried to finds the best up and coming companies with new products, fast growth, and strong earnings.

The newspaper provides a daily listing of every stock and ranks stock based on O’neils system. The strategy has been well proven to outperform the stock market and he has written many successful bestselling books explaining in detail how his CANSLIM system works.

Realize though that it will take some work and time learning how to follow the rules of CANSLIM and how to read stock charts. It is not difficult but it will take some time. The significance of CANSLIM and Investors Business Daily is that they provide all the tools and knowledge you need to beat the stock market.

There is a constant barrage of newsletters or wall street analysts ratings or “black box”(automated stock picking services) that tell you what to buy but not why. Also most of those services have dismal track records over time.

With CANSLIM you actually learn why the strategy works over time and have the knowledge/tools to do it yourself rather than be reliant on some product that spits out daily stock picks for no rhyme or reason why.

IBD and CANSLIM method teaches you to avoid the noise, turn off CNBC and the talking heads, and focus on the important things that makes stock move higher like price and volume. You will learn to not pay attention to forecasts and opinions.

IBD and CANSLIM will provide you a good direction for investing in the market and the newspaper is an excellent paper. It is specifically laid out to be a fast read so you don’t waste time with with unnecessary news stories or stock data that is irrelevant. It is filled with data, statistics and stock rankings you can’t get anywhere else.

It is worth taking a look at Investors Business Daily (IBD). Stock investing and trading takes work, there are no shortcuts but IBD will help give you a solid understanding and foundation for being a successful investor or trader.

Also, they have a daily market analysis following CANSLIM rules that will point out market tops and bottoms as the CANSLIM system essentially is a trend following system that has avoided every bear market since its founding.

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