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TimeWarp 90 TradingProgram Review

UPDATED October 2016 (There is some really helpful visitor commentary at the bottom of this post from both the creator of this course and customers who have gone through the training.)

I was seeing ads for an options program from Quantum Trading through their Payday Stocks (PDS) website(“”) that claims to show you how a strategy doubled a trading account in 90 days with their TimeWarp(TW) Double 90 Strategy program?

With strong claims like doubling money in 90 days I was weary of looking at it, but thought I would write out what I could find out about it and see if anyone can add more feedback to this post.

(Comment below this post if you have any additional insight).

NOTE – This post if being written from a consumer standpoint as I tried to research the course.

Some Background First

The instructor’s name is Ryan Jones and from what I could find, he has been offering various trading programs online for a while through his Quantum Trading company.

I first came across his a while back when they were promoting their 27% Weekly Options Strategy program.

You can watch a free presentation about it on their website.

PayDayStocks 27% Weekly Example Trade

From what I saw the 27% Weekly strategy was a tweak on Calendar spreads using weekly options.

You would sell an At-the-money weekly put option that is expiring near-term while simultaneously buying a farther out expiration deeper in the money put creating a vertical calendar spread.

You can watch the presentation for more information but it seemed like you were betting on a pretty precise outcome dealing with at the money options and tight strike spreads.

PDS Time Warp 90 Strategy review

TW90 program seems to lay out various options strategies that revolve taking advantage of near term time decay.

The sales page emphasizes “How to Easily and Consistently Pull Money Out of the Market With a Proven Strategy You Can Rely on”.

The video on the site mentions you have to be willing to lose $2500 on trade drawdowns as you are trading strictly on probabilities so you have to stick to the plan.

The main instrument of trading is the SPY using options and they will be doing actual trades(not hypothetical).

The program seems to cater to people that are already knowledgeable about options and understand how probabilities work.

While they don’t say exactly what the options strategies they use, they all seem to revolve around the concept of taking advantage of using weekly options to sell expensive options and owning cheaper options.

August 2016 update: I watched the current video on the sales page and essentially explains the concept of selling “expensive” options and buying “cheap” options. The video talks about calculating time value in options by calling it PPD (dividing at the money option by the # of days until expiration) so you sell ATM(at the money) weekly options that expires in say the next week and buying longer term ATM option that is “cheaper”(has less time value priced in). This concept is what has made weekly options to popular and is well known.

The course says it will explain various options strategies that emphasize this concept of selling expensive options and buying longer term less expensive options. The video calls this “Time warp” which is just a term they made up for explaining differences in volatility.

I’ve written about weekly options plenty of times in the past including calendar debit spread strategy that is talked about in the PDS sales video.

If you already have an understanding of options strategies then you might already be knowledgeable about the concepts taught in this training ?

It would seem the value might be having a screening program to find stocks with expensive near term options and inexpensive long term options but that isn’t included in the $500 training(that is an extra monthly fee) and it is an additional monthly fee to have access to their PPD trader software.

Opinion on PayDay Stocks TW 90 Course

I decided not to buy the course for reasons mentioned above and because I it seemed to just be re-explaining options strategies that revolve around selling short options and being long farther out options to collect time decay.

The terms like “PPD” and “Time Warp” are just their own marketing terms they came up with to explain the well known concept that shorter term options decay faster than long term options. That is why selling premium on weekly options has become so popular.

Also, I was kind of surprised that I couldn’t find any positive reviews of people who followed the program anywhere online and the only candid feedback I found about the program were on their forums boards (see here) and screenshot below. (August 2016 UPDATE – They removed access to the forum so you can’t view it the forum link below anymore)

TimeWarp 90 review



The video goes on for a while about how he doesn’t do any refunds, so for the $500 program cost make sure you ask their support any questions you have before enrolling.

Overall, I didn’t find much real feedback on the program and their forums didn’t seem to have much response to user questions which was surprising.

Also, I could not really find feedback about Ryan Jones Quantum Trading or about his other trading education company called Smart Trading despite them being online for so long so I don’t have any other information to offer about them. I did find a book on authored by Ryan Jones that you can read customer reviews about but that is different from what this Timewarp 90 program is about.

In the Timewarp video they state that “dozens and dozens of traders have communicated to use that there is nothing like these educational videos and nothing like PDS trader online(or even close) in the Entire Options Industry”.

With comments like that I expected to see some real testimonials online or customer video testimonials about their results using their training.

If you want to trade on options probabilities I’ve written about other programs I liked like this program which is pretty cheap, has money back guarantee, lots of reviews, and excellent support to ask unlimited questions.

PLEASE Leave a comment below if you tried the TimeWarp 90 program. It would help out any visitors to this post with their decision making if they were looking at the program.


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