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I haven’t mentioned any trading courses on this site in a long time but I recently purchased a stock trading course called Stock Trading Ninja that was pretty good and worthy of a review.

Before we get into the review of this course, I want to quickly talk about the typical trader learning process.

Basic Trader Learning Process

Like many new traders I chased all kinds of crazy technical indicators, stock picking newsletters, random stock picking systems until I felt overwhelmed.

If you stick to active investing then you eventually learn that the way to be successful in trading is to basically:

  1. Find a logical and tested trading method to follow so you have a structured investment process and increased odds of success. Eventually most traders learn that a simple technical analysis or trend following system works well.
  2. Apply a systematic way for choosing trades so you have a similar risk/reward across every trade.
  3. Control risk and know your entry/exit levels for every trade so that you are mechanical in your approach to trading(remove emotions).

Most trading articles and books mention the above criteria in some form or another. The hard thing with trading is figuring out what rules to follow and how to have the odds in your favor so that you make money…..If trading was easy then everyone would be doing it. 🙂

I sort of stumbled on to a course called Stock Trading Ninja that I feel really meets the above criteria and will hand you a proven, systematic way of scanning for trades, applying strict risk/reward criteria, and following a specific technical approach to your trades.

Stock Trading Ninja Review


I realize that the course name “Stock Trading Ninja” sounds silly and I was kind of skeptical going into it especially when I saw these big graphics in the preview. I bought it based on a recommendation and the fact that is was a top selling course and positive user reviews.

The course is taught by a “seasoned” trader who has traded his own money for decades and made many of the mistakes that are common along the way in learning to become a successful trader. (I couldn’t find much other information about him except in his course so I guess he doesn’t have past history of teaching online courses?)

This course lays out his own method for choosing stocks based on specific technical analysis criteria and how he is able to achieve a 90% success ratio on trades. The methods are for shorter term trades or longer trend directional trades. You can apply this system for long or short trades.

What I found unique about this training is that he distills down the key information for how to properly use technical analysis and how to use a couple proven indicators that work in conjunction with a systematic trade selection process to give you a high trade success ratio. It is a little “wordy” in how he describes his methods so you might have to rewatch multiple times.

This course really is a time saver in guiding you to an effective system that is widely applicable to any stocks and most trade instruments. What you learn in it is something you could use FOREVER in your trading.

It is the holy grail of trading systems ? Probably not but it is a tested system that if applied consistently will put the odds in your favor to do well.

The course creator details how each component of the system works together and why he chose the specific criteria for his stock selections.

Also, the course gives you the stock screening software code to use with your brokerage platform like ThinkorSwim so that you can quickly screen for stocks that meet the setup criteria.

The course creator is quite active in the member discussion area of the course in answering any questions so that is a positive.

Overall, I think this course distills down the key areas of becoming a successful trader and has a practical approach that will improve your trading long-term.

It might sound bold, but you could probably stick to this system and not need to look at another stock training product if you just focused on it.

Negative : The only negative I would have is that it might be a little difficult for brand new traders to grasp everything that the course teaches at first. The course creator covers some pretty analytical concepts to explain his method so it might take you a few times to re-watch it to grasp it.


Overall, this is a good course and can provide you a good system for trading successfully as it covers the key topics like how to use charts, how to find specific stocks, how to find the proper risk/reward, and more…..IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TRULY FOLLOW WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT THEN IT IS A GOOD INVESTMENT.

Click Here to learn more about Stock Trading Ninja

PS- The course offers a full 30-day money back guarantee

4 thoughts on “Stock Trading Ninja Review”

  1. I agree with your review of this product. Traders fall into two camps. The trader who wants to be a discretionary trader so that he/she has a sense of control and the mechanical trader who just trusts the math behind the system. The Stock Trading Ninja suits the trader who trusts the maths behind the system. He has an interesting take on “randomness” and it was well worth the $15 I paid for the course at Udemy.

    1. Brian(KineticTrader)

      Thanks for the feedback. The instructor definitely knows his stuff but he can be a little robotic in his teaching style so its something I think people can get a lot out of if they take the time to review it a few times…..and $15 is amazing price (less than commissions on a couple trades)

      1. I agree about the robotic style and he uses terms/vocabulary that is unique to his own course without taking enough time to explain what he means by them. This makes the course confusing on the 1st run through. For example part of his system allows for the trader to make “intuitive” decisions. The normal term used in the trading word is “discretionary.” This makes understanding the course more difficult than it needs to be. I think that it requires 2-3 viewings to fully understand what Frank Bunn is talking about. Not a course for an absolute beginner only because of the confusing terminology used and lack of clear explanations.

  2. You’ve done a review on this course, but have you tried his other courses? If you did, would you recommend them or not?


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