The Elevation Group – A lesson in listening to “Experts”

2015 Update on The Elevation Group review

I thought this was interesting to see this review I wrote below on December 14, 2010 and thought it was interesting to see what has happened in the 4.5 years since I  wrote it. Use this update as an investing lesson. Updated comments are in blue(original review is at bottom of this post)

(Full disclosure, I am not an affiliate with this company and never bought or went through the course. They might have some useful information in the course and it may have changed from when they initially launched it in 2010 so I can only comment on what I saw when they launched it and I saw in the news since then). 

First off, this product was promoted in end of 2010 when everything was doom and gloom and they were saying how important it was to buy Gold/Silver because massive inflation was looming.

Also, one of the these alternative investments that they were promoting to their members was Forex investing with a Forex manager (Senen Pousa Prophetmax).

Unfortunately, that guy turned out to be a scam and was under a big SEC investigation. The Elevation Group was also fined for dealer registration violations since they aren’t brokers.

Essentially, this Mr Pousa was promising unrealistic huge monthly returns with low risk using some “proprietary” Forex investing method and asking investors to put their money in some type of managed offshore accounts.  

Since this post was written if you had bought gold/silver and avoided the stock market your portfolio would be hurting :

– The S&P500 has gone from around 1300 to 1960 currently so a 50% move up.

– Gold has dropped from around $1400 to around $1100

– Silver has dropped from $29 to around $15 now (about 50% drop)

– Fed hasn’t raised rates and inflation hasn’t really changed

In fact, here is a video below that I found done by Elevation Group in 2010 to show you their sales video talking of massive inflation coming.

At 9:43 in the video he says “I will show you how you would be absolutely nuts to put your money in the stock market right now” 

I circled in yellow on the chart below where the SP 500 has moved since this video was made 🙂


Video December 11, 2010

Anyways, hopefully you learned some lessons from reading this post by seeing what I wrote in 2010 vs. what happened by 2015.

In general, they might have some useful information in the course about some areas of investing and I think you should always be learning but be weary listening to “experts” who claim to know where the markets are going…..because most times THEY DON’T.


ORIGINAL POST BELOW(December 10,2015)

The Elevation Group

Call me skeptical but there is a lot of excitement about The Elevation Group product that came out this week(December 2010). I write this post I with the mindset that I will probably avoid buying it even with the money back guarantee but I would love to hear readers comments here with their impressions. This product is created by a successful Multilevel Marketer. Here is the non-affiliate link to view the product video(skips the signup page), (9/2015- Looks like the video was removed from their site)

The website states they put together this program after three years of intense study of how to protect his wealth against the collapsing US Dollar and potential failure. It offers to teach you are the secrets of the super wealthy and how to take advantage of this future massive transfer of wealth that will occur with the collapse of the USA. The course will provide subscribers access to interviews and knowledge with the world’s experts and secret rich.

Why my initial concern ?

  • The sales presentation follows all the aspects of a successful internet marketing sales page. It offers a limited time offer, plays on people self worth and fear, must act now, flashy testimonials, opportunity for the average joe to discover the wealthy secrets, etc…
  • It is being launched with a full affiliate program (which means all the reviews you find are probably being written by affiliate who get paid). It is structured as a multilevel marketing payout schedule.  Also, I assume the experts he provides in his program are paying The Elevation Group some type of compensation/referrals to be included.
  • It is another product/person claiming gold is the answer and to buy physical gold(again it is probably with a preferred vendor that The Elevation Group gets paid on).
  • Claims on tax free income and secrets of rich. They mention family banks(you can google family banks, here’s 10yr old Forbes article about family banks.

I certainly don’t claim to know it all but the investment information industry is filled with claims like these.

I am sure most people has heard the continual advertisements about being bullish on gold and must own investment ? I don’t disagree with owning physical gold and being concerned over economy but I will say that the stock market is NEVER that predicable. It could go up for the next 10years before a collapse. It is important to learn and be knowledgeable about your money.

All I can say is to approach it with an understanding that most people promoting this product are affiliates and to realize that the strategies in it aren’t necessarily needed or effective over time. If you purchase the product, I definitely would like to hear your honest feedback on the product.

Lets hear your opinion !


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