Jason Bond Picks Review – An Unbiased Review in 2018

Jason Bond picks review

UPDATE- Summer 2018: I wrote this review originally in 2016. There are some useful comments below from former members to Jason Bond Picks. My original review/conclusion below is still valid though.

Jason Bond Picks trading service seems to be a popular stock picking service that I have seen mentioned on twitter and a lot of advertisements.

Out of curiosity I took a look at his service and below is a detailed, unbiased review (Meaning that I don’t have any affiliation with his service or get paid to write this) of his service after personally using his service as a member. His company pays a large referral commission so keep that in mind when you are reading various Jason Bond reviews.

I am just providing information on my experience and what I observed as a member. Normally I wouldn’t go near any stock pick service especially one that focuses on low priced stocks but I tried it out during a promotion they were offering. Anyways, here is my review…..

Jason Bond Picks Overview

Jason Bond picks is a service that provides day trading and swing trading picks.

They have a library of training videos and a live chat room with a moderator and members who post their day trades in the chatroom.

Jason looks like he has been posting picks for multiple years and he is pretty open about his past trade performance. If you ask, he will provide you a spreadsheet of all his trades in his account.

The stock universe he trades is stocks under $10 and some under $1.00 with a market capitalization focus of $100million to $2billion.

The focus is on liquid volatile (“high-beta”)LOW Priced stocks and the goal is 5-20% profits in a very short amount of time.

Here is a screenshot of a Profit/loss from Jason’s account of positions he was holding so you can get an idea of the stocks he is trading.

Jason Bond Picks Profit and loss

As you can see from the image above, Jason trades large number of shares on low priced stocks so the % moves can be as little as 5 cents a share.


The training videos are decent at explaining the types of trades he is looking for and how he scans for stock ideas but there is nothing especially unique about his approach.

The earlier videos were done 3-4 years ago but the content is still relevant.

The videos go through how he finds stocks, what chart patterns to look for, and lots of videos about technical analysis based on trades he did.

Essentially, the stock setups that Jason focuses on are:

  • Oversold stocks that have seen a large recent drop and are technically ready to bounce.
  • Continuation pattern within an existing trend
  • Breakout from current trend

The selection criteria is based on popular chart patterns and candlestick charts.

He emphasizes that you should take the information taught and implement it for your own trades rather than focus on following his trades which I think is good advice since many of his trades would be hard to replicate(small moves and intraday trades).


While the watch list and email that he sends out about his picks has some useful information, I am not sure how most subscribers will be able to follow his trades if they just wait for there alerts(see examples below). You would benefit more from learning the methods and adding his watch list names to your own watchlist. Then create your own price entry triggers so you aren’t waiting for the alerts.

The stocks are mostly low priced and sometimes not very liquid intraday. From what I have seen, he trades for very small moves based on intraday price action.

Many of the trades profits are taken intraday so if you are not looking to watch the market intraday then it probably isn’t a good fit for you.

If you are looking to replicate this style then you have to be comfortable taking large share positions in low-priced volatile stocks where you might be looking for as low as a 10-20cent move as a profit target. You really need to be on top of your positions.

Also, I have seen some examples where I see a large volume of shares traded prior to when he send out the alert email and then subscribers seem to jump in and sometimes the stock never recovers at least intraday.

I am always weary about low priced stock alert services where the service is taking the trades before they alert members since the trades are short term and sometimes not very liquid which can cause the members to inflate the price. In other words, don’t chase his picks if they have already moved. Have the alerts set ahead of time.

Here were some examples I took screen shot of a 1-minute chart for LEU on 3-9-2016 where the red arrow on the left shows the price(with big volume bar) that Jason says he got in and the second red arrow to the right shows when subscribers got the alert which I assumed is why there was a lot of volume.

Ticker "LEU' 3/9/16

Ticker “LEU’ 3/9/16

Another example (1st red arrow where Jason’s entry price is) and 2nd red arrow when members got alert.

WATT Jason Bond 2-18-2016

The above charts are just a couple examples of the type of stocks and trades he is taking so you have an idea of what to expect.

Most of his personal trades are 10,000 shares or more so he will take profits intraday on as little as 10cent moves and some might be larger.

Here is an example of trades in the chart room so you can see example of intraday trades for small moves.

JB trades 3-15-16

Realize that some of the trades are intended as multi-day swing trades so you have to really understand chart patterns and price action to feel comfortable holding large share positions in these low priced stocks.

Overall View

If you are just learning about stock patterns and trading methods then you will probably find some of the training videos useful.

For finding trades, it is hard to say if you would do well following his trades as it depends on your comfort level and whether or not you have access to trading during market hours. Many of the trades are short term for small $ price moves.

Many people would probably be better off just using his approach and then using something like Finviz.com to screen for stocks and even specific technical patterns to find your own stock trades. I wrote about Finviz a while ago in this post.

Again, my main hesitation is I am not sure how many will be able to replicate his exact trades as most are small moves with large # of shares and trades taken intraday. I generally stay away from trading any penny stocks !

Overall, Jason Bond Picks is probably useful for SOME traders:

  • If you are not sure how to trade then you will probably find Jason’s past videos useful but you can also similar information that is well organized in William Oneil’s bestselling books.
  • If you are following the market intraday then you might get some value out of following his service and stock watch list. You can track what the stocks look like when he enters/exits trades to get an idea of the setups and his thought process. Try papertrading and see how you do.
  • If you can’t really be around the market during market hours and you don’t want to trade large # of shares in very low priced stocks then you probably won’t get as much use out of the stock picks. (Many trades can be intraday scalps with large positions and small actual $ price moves)

He sometimes offers “special” sales or discounts so you might be able to try out the service for 1 Month for $50-100 when he has a sale but I would not pay the $1000’s that he sells his other services for(some as much as $10k last I looked). I’ll leave it up to the reader depending on their trading style and goals.

They have a no refund policy so I would recommend emailing him before subscribing to see his spreadsheet of all his trades so you can decide if his style of right for you.

There are some reviews online about Jason Bond picks with some saying its a penny stock scam and most reviews about his service are just positive reviews because Jason has a big affiliate payout program (I am not an affiliate).

I can’t really comment on the claims if Jason Bond picks is a scam as he isn’t just trading illiquid penny stocks(he also trades low priced ETF’s and beaten up, low priced smallcap stocks) and he is forthright with his actual trading record. I mentioned I don’t like services that enter trades before they alert subscribers(especially on low priced stocks) but in fairness he does provide his watch list to you ahead of time so you know where he is looking to enter. I also wouldn’t necessarily subscribe if you think you are going to replicate his trades and performance.

I hope this help with your decision making if you are looking at Jason Bond’s service. It was fine for the small amount I paid to see some of the videos but I cancelled after 1st month after better understanding his service and trading approach.

Please share this post if you found it useful or leave a comment below if you have any feedback.

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